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Height Gage << Height Gage  

Digital Height Gage

Made of stainless steel throughout. 
The bases is hardened throughout.
Display: LCD,6 digits and a minus sign(-).
The robust construction with a column provides highly repeatable measurements.
Fine adjustment control for smooth movement.
Resolutions to:0.0005"&0.01mm.
Carbide-tipped scriber.
With RS232 output.


"INC" mode and "PRESET" is the main feature, INC (comparison) can accomplish to count between reading and reading. PRESET can accomplish to set initial value before measurement.

Use supplementary attachment and indicators can accomplish another measuring ways.

 1 zero setting 2 ABS and INC mode
 3 presetting 4 data holding
 5 counting direction changeover 6 mm/inch conversion
 7 data output 8 over-speed error alarm
 9 low battery alarm  


Order No. 3131-201 3131-301 3131-501 3131-601
Range 0-200mm 0-300mm 0-500mm 0-600mm
Resolution 0.01mm/0.0005"
Accuracy +0.03mm/0.0015" +0.04mm/0.002" +0.05mm/0.0025"



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